I was in Costa Rica in May, and it did not disappoint!

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I was in Costa Rica in May, and it did not disappoint!
There is SO much to see and do in Costa Rica, you could spend months there and still wish you had more time. 
There are so many things to love about this country, one is that you can have SO many different experiences in one trip! 
From staying at Tabacon Thermal Spa & Resort and enjoying their 170 various pools of mineral baths to canyoning down 170 feet cliffs to boat rides along the Papagayo beach and kicking back in luxury at Nantipa in the surf town of Santa Teresa.
Much of Costa Rica's popularity hinges on its many natural treasures — lush tropical jungles, incredible biodiversity, serene cloud forests, numerous volcanoes, and scenic beaches. The country has no shortage of amazing locations that are ideal for adventure enthusiasts and laid-back travelers alike. Not only is Costa Rica famed as a soft adventure hot spot, it's also highly regarded as a leader in sustainable ecotourism. In fact, the country protects more than five percent of the world's biodiversity! Time and again, Costa Rica reminds us that we can explore and enjoy nature responsibly.
Considering Costa Rica? Here are a few helpful tips for you:
Covid Restrictions
No COVID test is required to travel to Costa Rica (this is as of June 2022) however proof of full vaccination is required and health insurance to cover COVID related costs is highly recommended. 
What areas of Costa Rica should you visit?
It’s important to know when planning a trip to Costa Rica that, although it’s only the size of West Virginia, Costa Rica is not that easy to get around. The roads and mountain ranges make it difficult to get from place to place, so you’ll want to plan where you fly based on where you plan on going! There are two main airports that you’ll decide to fly into in Costa Rica when you visit – Liberia (Guanacaste coastal region) or San Jose (the capital). 
We flew into San Jose - drove out to La Fortuna, Arenal - drove out to Guanacaste - then onto Santa Teresa - quick domestic flight back into San Jose before the flight back home. 
For first timers, I would recommend: Guanacaste, Papagayo and Santa Teresa.
What is Costa Rica food like?
I LOVED the food in Costa Rica! You get the spice of Mexican/Latin American food but with tangy, exotic fruity flavors infused from the Caribbean. The Costa Rican diet typically consists of rice and beans (a LOT of rice and beans), vegetables, fish, meat, plantain, yucca, and delicious tropical fruits. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are often home-cooked and locally sourced. Costa Rican food is healthy, not processed, and focuses on sustainability and organic foods. I am a vegetarian and there was always so much authentic Costa Rican variety for me to choose from.
What is coffee like in Costa Rica?
The coffee in Costa Rica is some of the very best in the entire world! Do try the traditional coffee brew where the cotton socks is used to filter the coffee. Definitely look into doing a coffee tour on your trip! 
What is the best time to visit Costa Rica?
In general the driest season is December through April in Costa Rica, and the wettest season is May through November. I visited in early May and there were days when the morning was bright and sunny and the evening through the night was pouring rain.
This was my first time in Costa Rica and definitely not the last, there is still so much to see, experience and share with you.
So let’s get to planning your trip to Costa Rica!!! 

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