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With our growing passion for travel and love for the finer luxuries in life – I saw myself running out of vacation days along with overwhelm trying to plan a perfect trip and carry on with a full-time job. There had to be a better way of gaining back my time and going on vacation without the stress of “I hope nothing goes wrong”. With that thought, in 2018 Traveluxepro was born, I want to share with my clients; my knowledge, use my partner connections and expertise and deliver unforgettable experiences with impeccable execution and hassle-free planning. I want to give busy professionals back their time to do what they are good at and leave the finer details of trip planning with me.

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I was looking for a night out for my anniversary celebration. Traveluxepro fulfilled my dream. One night stay @parqvancouverbc elegant suite. Exceptional service by Traveluxepro. Thank you, Sarin.
S.Garcha, JW Marriott Vancouver

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