Four Seasons, Whistler, recorded May 2021

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The perfect luxury weekend getaway for Vancouverites! Just under a 2-hr drive, where you get the opportunity to unwind, relax and connect with yourself and your loved ones!
Today I am joined by Alex, the Travel Industry Sales Manager @fswhistler
Alex has 8 years of experience with Four Seasons and is the main contact for travel advisors like myself. In this live, he kindly accepted to come and share all that sets this mountain luxury resort apart and why you should be heading out there!
We spoke about:
  • Covid and the LEAD WITH CARE protocol the resort is following and what guests can expect during their stay. It is built upon their legendary service, care, and attention to detail in consultation with The John Hopkins University.
  • We talked about facilities that are open at this time.
  • Modified dining service offerings, like the “my balcony breakfast” – that is a must-try!
  • Alex talks about an ‘end-to-end’ stay at the Four Seasons Whistler. He talks about the guest connections and those little extra touches of luxury.
  • Learn about the FS App and how it helps to personalize the guests' stay, even your sleep experience, and heated towels when you come out of the pool.
  • We talked about how the partnership with travel advisors benefits guests. The exclusive benefits travel advisors can provide which is not available online or when booking on your own.
  • Exciting things guests can expect to see at FS Whistler, such as the ‘experience local’ guide – outlining some of Whistler’s hidden gems and local favorites. A handy resource for reference.
  • It’s the unique food and beverage offerings that Alex talks about, e.g the cedar plank steel-head and buttermilk fried chicken for breakfast!
  • You must hear how Alex describes his experience of the “Plaid Lad Chile Burger”
  • Take a listen to the upcoming stay offers at FS Whistler for this summer

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