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'Revenge Travel' is the Latest Trend - And Here's How to Get Some

“Living well is the best revenge,” said a 16th-century poet, and that line may be the inspiration for one of the latest trends in travel.... read more

Do you remember what it feels like to wake up in a new place?

It is a feeling that can only be described as exhilaratingThere is an excitement that comes with waking up in a new destination. A pull... read more

4 Top Reasons to Make a Vacation Rental Your Next Holiday - Plus Booking Tips

Vacation rentals were the fastest growing type of holiday accommodation even before the pandemic. With types of rental homes ranging from urban apartments to beach... read more

Post-Covid Travel Trends…2021 and beyond...

#1 Bucket List Trips - are a popular trend for a few reasons. People want to travel while they are healthy enough to do so,... read more

New inspiration and new opportunities for exciting adventures!

As 2020 is behind us and we welcome the New Year 2021 (Finally! I hear you say), I want to take a moment to thank... read more

Vancouver to Banff Road Trip

Looking for the greatest mountain road trip in North America? Follow our six-days of one of this favorite scenic driving tours from British Columbia to... read more

I am here to support you!

What does all this mean? What are my options? How should we move forward? ⁠⠀These are some of the many questions I've been fielding over... read more

Welcome to TraveLuxePro's New Web Site and Travel Newsletter!

If you're planning a cruise, custom made, wellness or any other kind of trip - even some relaxing 'armchair travel'! – our stories about popular... read more

And Now For Some Good News In Travel

We wanted to share some travel stories to make you smile, give us hope, shine a spotlight on people and companies in travel doing good... read more

A Distiller in Wine Country Switches Production to Hand Sanitizer to Help the Community During COVID-19

Visitors to wine country have another way to taste the fruit of those vines in a most unexpected way, at Dillon's. Here's BestTrip.TV's Lynn Elmhirst's... read more