I am here to support you!

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I am here to support you!
What does all this mean? What are my options? How should we move forward? ⁠⠀
These are some of the many questions I've been fielding over the last few weeks. I'm answering these questions for clients who are in the comfort of their homes, not sure what to do next. ⁠ I understand it’s frustrating to not be able to travel right now. I understand re-scheduling your dream trip is not ideal. I understand that it’s hard to commit to future travel because you aren’t sure when this will end. I understand the fear of contracting the virus is real.
As your travel advisor, I am here to support you and arm you with information to help you make the decisions that are right for you.⁠ I am here to assist you in making sense of the information, be your advocate now and always!
I often get asked, “what would you do?”
My personal experience is like some of you... my research trips are postponed, and I’ve also received airline vouchers instead of refunds for flights that are to destinations I can no longer visit at this time! I am sad but I am certainly not panicking. I am staying positive and working countless hours with my partners from around the world to give you the BEST options regarding rescheduling or cancelling your trip. I’m staying up to date on the ever-changing travel restrictions and policy changes. I am here. I am in your corner, and I'm taking everything one day at a time, right alongside you.⠀
⁠It’s ok to postpone future travels but I urge you to not stop DREAMING because this world is a beautiful place and I will always be here, excited to help and support you discover & enjoy it when the time is right for you.
Stay safe and keep dreaming!

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