5 Great Reasons to Book Mexico for This Winter Travel Season

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5 Great Reasons to Book Mexico for This Winter Travel Season
Every day, we in the travel industry hear news about another destination that’s opening up (and we cheer!) or about changing entry requirements. And aren’t we all constantly being asked, “Where’s the best place to travel to now?” Well here’s one destination that has managed to hold onto its appeal with travelers during the pandemic and now even more as COVID concerns are beginning to ease: the ever-popular, hot-hot-hot Mexico.
“Mexico has always had an allegiance of travel clients and it's being proven post-pandemic as well. It has always been an open, welcoming, and inclusive destination. As a country, Mexico has worked hard during and post-pandemic to honor protocols; staff up accordingly and be transparent of their offerings. It continues to be a desired country and is requested often by clients.
I have rounded up 5 great reasons to book your trip to Mexico this winter travel season and beyond:

1. Nonstop flights

First off, Mexico is just easy to get to for Canadian & American travelers. Flights are short, with an abundance of nonstop options.
Mexico has always been a top destination I book for winter getaways because of its ease to get to from most Canadian & U.S. gateways, and its overall value. Be it a 3-4 night short getaway or a longer winter escape, clients find it easy to get to, it’s familiar and comfortable.

2. Back-to-normal feeling

Mexico has an upbeat atmosphere with higher resort occupancies and excellent customer service. It has been welcoming guests for over a year now, and has dropped to a level green, the resorts can offer higher occupancies than some other destinations.
Higher occupancies mean all the restaurants can be open, there are more resort activities, and there’s just an overall ‘back-to-normal’ feel. The level green means there’s more nightlife and that bars can stay open later. We are just about back to the true all-inclusive experience that Mexico is known for.

3. Easier COVID protocols

Bottom line, travelers appreciate not having to test prior to travel. The U.S. still requires return testing (and most resorts in Mexico offer complimentary onsite testing to make this easy for travelers), but it is appealing not to have to test prior to arrival.
It is definitely one less step for clients who are vaccinated and ready to travel. Clients have experienced the various safety measures and protocols in response to the pandemic in their trips to Mexico in 2021, and I always tell my clients, ‘I wouldn’t book you in a place I wouldn’t stay myself,’ and my own travel record speaks to where I feel good about attending work events and personal vacations.

4. Quality properties with value-added offerings

The luxury resorts, all-inclusives, spectacular beaches, rejuvenating spas, mouth-watering cuisine, well-honed customer service… Mexico is a supreme destination from the perspective of its hospitality-related offerings.
And then there are the value-adds, clients are more than happy to consider and welcome a trip to Mexico and this is, in part, because of the “quality properties, which offer outstanding value-added products and services such as sister-property dining; transfers, free nights, waiving resort fees, and complimentary upgrades when available.”

5. Affordable for most travelers

Finally, Mexico is an affordable destination for most travelers. Hotels, attractions, restaurants, airlines, and visiting cruise lines all understand the necessity of offering travelers an excellent value for their vacation dollars. Nothing gets people up and out of their houses like a vacation that - gives a whole lot of value.
So, the next time you ask, “Where’s a good place to travel to now?” consider if Mexico is the perfect recommendation for them.
I will sum it up with, it’s been hard seeing people all throughout our industry affected in these tough times. Seeing tourism come back and being greeted by the staff who are thankful to be back to work welcoming you with a warm smile is something I’m glad my clients can experience again.

Where do you want to go?