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Sarin Raj
Sarin Raj
Growing up, my first international trip was to Australia and then the 2nd one when I migrated to Vancouver, Canada. The world of luxury travel (ie hotels that enhance a travel experience, private guides, and a professionally designed itinerary) only crossed my radar when I took on travelling with my husband 13 years ago. He came with a passion for travel and an eagerness to experience a new country each year. Being an accountant and a stickler for details, my task was to ensure that everything was planned to perfection on our trips.
With my growing passion for travel and love for the finer luxuries in life – I saw an opportunity to help leisure travelers that are looking for something special when they travel, but they may not have the time or connections to make it happen on their own. I want to share my knowledge and expertise with my clients and deliver unforgettable experiences with impeccable execution and hassle-free planning.
As a travel advisor, it is up to me to know what’s out there, to understand all the different opportunities we must consider when designing a trip. Professionally, I consider it my responsibility to open myself up to new travel styles and to new experiences that I may never have considered personally. I am always travelling and learning about the next best destination and experiences, these experiences will make me a better travel advisor.

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